Our Mission

To fundamentally improve the health of all Americans by changing how care is delivered in the U.S.

About Surround Care

Surround Care’s mission is to fundamentally change how care is delivered – by transforming care delivery and delivering transformative care. We are dedicated to fixing healthcare affordability, quality, access, and experience for all, with a focus on supporting the trusted physician-patient relationship. With our unique and comprehensive ecosystem of resources, services, and operational management, we dramatically accelerate success in value-based care.

Surround Care brings together like-minded organizations that are united in solving today’s healthcare crisis.  With this common mission, we create an ecosystem that accelerates innovation, impact, and scale. Together, we are building a new type of healthcare system – one that delivers better care for individuals, communities, and populations; one that allows physicians to thrive and people to live their best lives; and simply put, one that surrounds us all with the best way to care.

What We Do

Surround Care is a healthcare company dedicated to fixing affordability, quality, access, and experience for individuals, communities, and populations across the U.S.

We offer health systems, health plans, physician enterprises and healthcare solution companies the opportunity to become part of our ecosystem. The organizations that join our ecosystem value access to one of the largest populations of managed VBC lives, the collaboration and innovation of solutions, and the opportunity to go further faster.

How We Do It

Our unique approach centers around meeting the holistic needs of patients, physicians, and communities. This approach redefines health and systematically supports and nurtures the most powerful force to change healthcare – the physician-patient relationship.

To transform care delivery, we are an operating partner that brings expertise in healthcare data management, analytics, population health management, care management, change management, physician practice optimization, and a deep knowledge of value-based contracting.

To deliver transformative care, our physicians bring deep knowledge and experience in the successful management of value-based care lives with an innovative care model and a physician-centric culture of value-based care.

Surround Care logo

Surround Care is a healthcare transformation company, improving healthcare for millions of people and thousands of physicians. The organization is transforming care delivery and delivering transformative care with resources, services, and operational management to allow healthcare organizations to thrive and better serve their communities. Surround Care serves health systems, physician enterprises, and health plans, operates in nine markets across the country, and supports more than 4,600 affiliated physicians and more than 4 million managed lives.

Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries of Surround Care

Navvis is a leading population health company, driving performance in value-based care. As an operating partner to some of the country’s most innovative health systems, physician enterprises, and health plans, we provide solutions that accelerate the journey to value-based care. Our approach is market-based – we respect the unique needs of populations in each community, including access to care, culture, values, and capabilities. Together with our partners, we set a new national standard in healthcare performance that delivers the affordability, quality, access, and experience that all patients deserve.


Esse Health is a St. Louis-based, independent physician group that strives to improve the overall well-being of its patients through patient education, lifestyle modification and prevention.  Esse Health’s adult and pediatric primary care offices have been awarded Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) 2014 Level 3 recognition by the National Committee on Quality Assurance. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Million Hearts Initiative recognized Esse Health as a Hypertension Control Champion for its success in helping patients control their high blood pressure.  With 50 locations throughout the St. Louis and Metro East area, Esse Health’s services include asthma, allergy and immunology, child psychiatry, family medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, nutrition, orthopedics, pediatrics, radiology, and urology.  Esse Health is a recognized leader in using technology in health care and physician accountability for both quality and cost-of-care.