Board of Directors

Bryan Burns, D.O.

Physician and Board Member | Esse Health

Randy Combs

Chief Financial Officer | SSM Health

Tim Elliott

President | Navvis

Mike Farris

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer | Navvis

R. Erick Hawkins

Chief Administrative Officer | Orlando Health

David Kearney

Chief Executive Officer | Esse Health

Thomas Lindquist

Senior Vice President, Markets | Medica

Mark Mugiishi, MD

President and CEO | Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)

John H. Rice, M.D.

Physician, Executive Vice President, Internal Medicine Department Chair, and Board Member | Esse Health

Todd Shuman, MD

Chief Clinical Officer | SSM Health

David Strong

President and Chief Executive Officer | Orlando Health

Executive Leadership

Courtney Fortner

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Bauer

Chief Financial Officer

Miles Snowden, MD

Chief Growth Officer

Chuck Eberl

Chief Marketing Officer

Surround Care Companies

Craig Samitt, MD, MBA

CEO, National Physician Enterprise

David Hartenbach, MD

Chairman of the Board, Esse Health

Lee Angus

CEO, Medi Leadership

David Kearney

Chief Executive Officer | Esse Health